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A penny for your thoughts?

A significant evolution in weblogging has been the relationship between blogger-created content and contextual advertising. Unobtrusive contextual ads have become a large component in weblogging as bloggers realize it's often a good way to subsidize their online passion (we're talking weblogging, here).

TypePad Earnings Report We've been working on a way that allows our subscribers to take advantage of the opportunities of text-based advertising. Starting today, TypePad Pro users can now easily set-up and integrate text ads directly into their weblogs, track their earnings with TypePad and use the money to pay for their subscription.

Setting up contextual advertising on your weblogs is easy. You don't need to know HTML or how to edit your templates. You have full control over the colors and configuration of your ads. If you choose the "easy setup" option, you can even have TypePad configure the ads for you. The new earnings tab makes it simple to view your earnings and track ad impressions and clicks.

The money you earn will be applied to your subscription fees. Ninety days after you join the program any money left in your account can be transferred to a PayPal account or left in your earnings account to continue paying for your TypePad subscription.

We think the ability for our subscribers to easily (you won't have to independently apply for an account) set up text ads on their weblogs is indicative in our effort to make TypePad Pro the service of choice for dedicated bloggers. Later this summer, we will add additional features that will expand TypePad Pro users' ability to earn and track revenues.

So, if you're a TypePad Pro subscriber, be sure to check out this new feature!