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Upcoming Enhancements: New designs and better design tools

As anyone who has ever set-up a weblog knows, finding the right design for your weblog is virtually as important as finding your personal voice: both play an essential role in expressing your personality to your readers. While we'll leave it to you to find your voice, we have recently devoted significant energy into enhancing the experience you have designing and customizing your weblog. Whether you're a beginning user just starting to build your first weblog, or an experienced user well versed in CSS, you'll soon find it easier than ever to create a look that is uniquely you.

We are not only improving the design aesthetics, either. On the technical end of TypePad, we are making the HTML and CSS class structure of your published weblogs more portable, flexible and extensible. However, you don’t have to be an expert user to take advantage of the changes – many of them work with a simple point and click.

Here’s a taste of what’s ahead:

  • New Design Themes: We will be debuting over 15 new themes for you to apply to your weblog. Among the new themes are some highly requested designs: Wedding, Knitting, and Baby. You will also be able to apply any theme in our system to any layout -- including our popular Mixed Media layouts.

  • Greater control over your designs: We will be adding a new feature that enables Pro users to apply custom CSS without having to convert to advanced templates. This will allow you to have control over the style and layout of your weblog, while taking advantage of TypePad's layout design tools.

  • Enhanced Design Area: We're also improving the weblog design area of TypePad, making it easier to use and to navigate. You will be able to browse our themes by category, easily create a theme of your own using the weblog design wizard, and more easily customize your sidebar content selections.

baby-thumbnail.gif masala-thumbnail.gif powell-street-thumb.gif
A preview of just some of the new themes in the upcoming TypePad release.

We're extremely excited about these enhancements (look for them in the next few weeks) and seeing the great new designs that you'll be creating to accompany your weblogs.