It’s the "little-big" things…
Pick your Pics

Easier sidebar editing, full Podcasting support , XML Feeds and more

As of today, it is even easier for you to share and publish interesting content on your blog. Almost all of the new features are the result of direct requests from customers over the past few months; they're also enhancements that the TypePad development team – avid bloggers, all – have wanted themselves. Here is a brief overview of the new features we will be introducing during the course of this week.  However, don't feel you have to wait for us to illuminate the new features - go ahead and start exploring now!

You asked for it, you got it: Photo Album Selections Photo Album Selection - You can now choose which photo albums to display on your weblog - no more all or nothing decisions!
Podcasting Support Podcasting Support - Now TypePad supports Podcasting - so your blog can be seen and heard.
Notes TypeList Notes TypeList - No more TypeList hacking. The new Notes TypeList means you can now easily add any content or HTML to your sidebar.
XML Feeds XML Feeds - You can now easily publish XML feeds in your sidebar
Let your blog pay for itself Let your blog pay for itself - Pro level subscribers -who are- using Kanoodle text ads now can use the new "Auto-Pay" feature to have their earnings pay for their blog automatically.
New Gourmet Theme New Gourmet Theme - So many of you are 'foodies' that we thought the next new theme should be a gourmet one. Many of these features were developed as a result of our recent "scratch-a-thon," where we asked the Typepad development team to 'scratch' an 'itch,' or in other words, to work on a feature they have always wanted to work on. Ben Trott, Six Apart's co-founder and CTO writes about the motivations for doing the scratch-a-thon. Additionally, we thought it would be fun to use this as an opportunity to introduce you to some of the engineers on the Typepad team. We asked each of them to tell us what they do at Six Apart, what feature they developed, how to use it and what motivated them to develop this feature. First up is Nick O'Neill with his Photo Album Display feature.