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This post is the fifth in a series of interviews with TypePad engineers describing the new features in TypePad, how to use them, and what motivated us to develop these features. Many of these features were developed as part of our recent Scratchathon.

Lilia Ahner on the new Gourmet Theme in TypePad.

Q: What do you do at Six Apart?

tiny-pic-lilia.jpgA: I am a visual and interaction designer at Six Apart which means that I work on the "look and feel" of themes for TypePad and our partners, including Major League Baseball. I also design graphics for the TypePad application and the Six Apart website.

Q: What feature did you develop for the "scratch-a-thon"?

A: I designed the new Gourmet Theme.

Q: How can TypePad users change their theme?

A: To select a new TypePad theme, follow these steps.
  • Choose the Design tab.
  • Under Your Theme & Layout, click on the Change Theme link.
  • Select Pre-defined Theme.
  • Choose from the five categories of TypePad themes: Bold Palettes, Classic, Cool Colors, Pale Palettes and Special Interest.
  • Click Preview to see how your weblog will appear with the theme you selected, or click Save Changes to use the theme.

Q: What motivated you to develop this new feature?

thumb-gourmet.gifA: We’re constantly making improvements to TypePad, and with the new weblog themes we’re making it possible for people to have a good looking weblog without having to be a professional designer. Because TypePad customers are truly unique and have very diverse interests, I designed thirteen new general purpose as well as “special interest? themes including travel, gourmet, baby, wedding, knitting, and sewing. In the future, we’ll have lots of new TypePad themes that we hope appeal to a wide range of TypePad customers.

Because of the work of engineer Randy Reddig, all of our new themes now work with each of our 9 layouts so that you can choose a theme and layout that truly suits you and your style.