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Podcasting Support in TypePad

This post is the second in a series of interviews with TypePad engineers describing the new features in TypePad, how to use them, and what motivated us to develop these features. Many of these features were developed as part of our recent Scratchathon.

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa on full podcasting support now supported in TypePad.

Q: What do you do at Six Apart?

A: miyan.jpgI am a TypePad engineer, and I work mainly on API extensions and globalization of the application. I'm from Japan and I am based in Six Apart's Tokyo office, but I frequently visit our headquarters in San Francisco to do on-site development just like I've been doing for 2 months this summer.

Q: What feature did you develop for the "scratchathon"?

A: I developed Podcasting support.

Q: How can you do Podcasting on TypePad?

A: It's easy. Once you have created your podcast, you can simply upload your Podcast file (MP3/AAC) - in the same way you upload photos. All the rest is magically handled by TypePad.

If you want more details, here they are:

  • Record a Podcast and create an MP3 or AAC file – I guess this is the hardest part :). Ipodder.org has some handy links on how to get started podcasting.
  • Go to "Post > New Post" screen and upload the file by clicking the "Insert" toolbar on the WYSIWYG editor. This will create a "Download .mp3" link inside the post.

That's it. A Podcast feed will be created as an "rss.xml" in your weblog directory. Optionally, you might want to go to "Weblog > Design > Content" screen and turn on "Podcast link", so your weblog now has a link to an RSS 2.0 feed on its sidebar. You can drag and drop the link to Podcasting client software like iTunes. This new functionality was created by our TypePad engineer Mark Paschal.

Technically, you can upload any type of media files as an enclosure to the RSS/Atom feed. That means uploading .mov files will turn your feed into a Vlog/Vodcasting as well.

Q: What motivated you to build this feature?

A: Podcasting is becoming increasingly more popular. iTunes, one of the most popular media players, recently announced support for Podcasting and many broadcasting stations like CNN and MSNBC have started podcasting as well. I wanted to make sure that TypePad customers could share their Podcasts without needing have any technical knowledge about feeds. And I think Podcasting is a very good way to fill up your increased storage and bandwidth as well. :)