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We had several college interns in the Six Apart offices this summer. While we were very sorry to see each of them head back to school last month, it’s also been great keeping up with them through their blogs. One of our interns went to study in Rome for a year, and we’ve been enjoying her updates and commentary on both Italian food and men. Apparently, a good way to learn Italian is to find a good-looking man who doesn’t speak too much English. One Six Apart employee has a six month old niece who is so smart she keeps a blog of all of her activities several times a week. Teething, trying solid food for the first time, and Daddy and Me swimming classes are just some of the topics she covers. While the rest of the world may not be taken with her daily activities, her family members located around the world find each of her posts inexplicably fascinating. There are also a number of us at Six Apart who have moved across the country to join the company, and our friends and family enjoy keeping up with our new lives via our blogs.

If you’ve been wishing you could hear more from your favorite teenager who just went off to college, or your old college friend who just had a baby, or your neighbors who just moved to Australia for sabbatical, we’ve put together some special TypePad pricing that can satisfy your need for more information AND make you look like the considerate, generous person that you are.

If you are already a TypePad customer, you can get a free TypePad subscription (at the same level) to give as a gift by renewing your subscription for an additional year. Or, if you just want to buy a subscription for a special person, annual subscription prices for our TypePad Basic, Plus and Pro services are now reduced to just $39, $69, and $99 respectively, allowing you to save up to 55% off a yearly subscription. (If you are not a TypePad customer yet, sign up here.)

We hope that you and the special people you want to stay in touch with enjoy keeping up through your TypePad blogs as much as we've enjoyed it.

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Q. How can I give a gift subscription?

A. There are two ways to give a gift subscription.

  1. You can renew your existing TypePad account on an annual basis. When you renew, you will receive a free yearly subscription (at the same level) to give as a gift.
  2. You can purchase a gift blog through our “Special Gift Pricing.

Q. How much do the gift subscriptions cost?

A. When you renew your TypePad subscription annually, the gift subscription is FREE. With TypePad’s Special Gift Pricing, a year of TypePad Basic is $39, a year of TypePad Plus is $69, and a year of TypePad Pro is $99.

Q. Can I purchase a gift subscription if I am not already TypePad subscriber?

A. Yes. Sign up for your TypePad subscription and after you sign up you can subscribe annually or purchase a gift for a friend.

Q. How is the gift subscription delivered?

A.. The gift subscription can be delivered in one of two ways: An email containing a certificate for the gift subscription can be delivered to the recipient. Or you can print a certificate for gift subscription and deliver your gift personally.

Q. Can I give a gift subscription anonymously?

A. Yes, you can give a gift subscription anonymously.

Q. How is the gift subscription redeemed?

A. The certificate for gift subscription (both the printed and email versions) contains a redemption code for the recipient. The recipient must visit and enter their redemption code

Q. What do I do if I want to purchase more than one gift blog?

A. You can renew your subscription on an annual basis. By renewing you will receive one free yearly subscription (at the same level) to give as a gift. You can only take advantage of the “Buy One, Give One Free? offer once. If you would like to purchase additional gift subscriptions, you are welcome to take advantage of our “Special Gift Pricing as often as you wish.

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Q. Can I purchase a gift subscription for myself?

A. No, these offers are intended only to be used as gifts. The gift subscriptions cannot be applied to the account that purchased the gift.

Q. If I am a monthly subscriber, can I still give the gift of a blog?

A. Yes, you can give a free gift of a blog when you subscribe annually. Otherwise, you can take advantage of our Special Gift Pricing.

Q. Are gift subscriptions transferable?

A. Yes, the gift subscription may be transferred to another recipient. SixApart is not responsible for lost or stolen redemption codes gifts.

Q. How long do I have to take advantage of this promotion?

A. TypePad users have until October 31st, 2005 to take advantage of this holiday promotion.

Q. Where can I read the Terms of Use for these offers?

A. The Terms of Use can be found here

Q. Where can I get answers if I have other questions not mentioned here?

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