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TypePad Turns Two!

Tips Accepted Here

Tips have long been a traditional way of saying thanks. The method of giving tips varies from country to country but the general nature of a tip is the same — a way to express gratitude to someone for a job well done. Now, Pro Level subscribers have a fast and easy way to receive tangible feedback from their readers by adding a Tip Jar to their weblog sidebar.

You put effort into your weblog – now you have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your effort. And to make it easy, the Tip Jar feature works via PayPal, so millions of weblog readers can simply drop cash in to your weblog from their PayPal accounts or directly from their credit cards.

We updated TypePad’s Earnings Tracking section while developing the Tip Jar feature. This means that as a Pro-level blogger you can earn money from ads and tips, and track your progress as well as manage all of your Earnings activities in one place. We will be posting more details about how we updated the Earnings Tracking section soon. But first we want to get you started on receiving tips from readers.

Configuring Tip Jar is easy. Just follow the simple steps below or learn more details in the TypePad User Manual.

Setting Up Your Tip Jar

  1. Log in to TypePad and select the weblog to which you want to add a Tip Jar.
  2. Click on the Design Tab and Change Content Selections. You will see the new Tip Jar check box listed under Your Side Bar Content.
  3. TipJar Checkbox

  4. Configure and select your preferences. You can choose a Tip Jar badge style, customize the badge title, provide a suggested Tip amount or even link to a post that describes your Tip Jar.
  5. Choose a TipJar Badge

  6. Click Save Changes, and you are done.

You can also manage the location of your Tip Jar in the blog’s sidebar as you would any other sidebar content item. Just click Change Ordering in the Edit Design screen.

We look forward to seeing all the creative ways this new feature is put to use to help you get the most out of your blogging experience. Have fun!