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Adding a Personalized Icon to your Weblog

This post is the fifth in a series that introduces some great TypePad features and offers tips on finding help with TypePad in general.

Laura on Adding a Personalized Icon to your Weblog.

Q: What can you tell us about yourself?

Lauraicon My name is Laura and I've been working for Six Apart in the Technical Support area for just over a year now. I've been blogging for three and a half years and I have a whole bunch of blogs all over the place, all made using Six Apart products, of course! My primary blog is veiled4allah where I discuss political issues and news of the day.

Q: What tip will you be talking about today and why did you pick this?

My tutorial is about adding a favicon to your TypePad weblog. What's a favicon? It's a little icon that appears in the address bar of a browser next to the URL and in the browser's Favorites or Bookmarks menu next to the site's name. A favicon is a great way to personalize your site and make it more distinctive for people.

You may have seen the Six Apart favicon when going to the TypePad home page - it's taken from our company logo:

Q: How can I add a favicon to my site?


A favicon (short for ''favorite icon'') is a small icon (16x16 pixels) used by some web browsers to identify your site. It will appear in the address bar of the browser when you are viewing the site, and if you bookmark the site, it will show up in your Favorites or Bookmarks menu next to the site's name as well.

You will need to create this icon and save it in a special file format. The first step is to create a 16 by 16 pixel .gif file using image editing software. You will then need to convert the file to the .ico format. (If you're using Windows, you can download IrfanView, a free graphics viewer that can do this type of file conversion.)

Another option is to use an online favicon creator like FavIcon from Pics. You can upload any type or size of image file and it will generate an icon file (.zip) for you in the proper format and with the proper favicon.ico filename.

Once you've created your favicon.ico file, you'll need to upload it to your TypePad account. To do this, you can use the File Manager by going to your Control Panel > Files page. The favicon.ico file should be uploaded to your Home folder. The Home folder is the one that you are in when you first come to the File Manager. The Upload a New File area of the File Manager will tell you what folder you're uploading to, so you'll want to make sure it says "Home" and not the name of a another folder. You can also find out additional information about uploading files under Using the File Manager.

After you've uploaded favicon.ico to your Home folder, web browsers that support favicons will automatically find and display it. You may need to bookmark the site (add to Favorites) or refresh your weblog in your browser, but after that you're all done!