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TypePad Maintenance Update

We recently completed two scheduled events and we'd like to update you on the results.

Saturday's scheduled maintenance went well. This database server upgrade will help us to scale our operations and deliver more reliable performance.

Secondly, we finished our data center migration today, retiring a previous permanent IP address and a temporary IP address for TypePad's published weblogs.

Should you find that your weblog is unavailable at your custom domain, but is available at your TypePad URL, it's possible that your blog is one of the few (<100) affected by the migration.

You can find additional information on how to correct the issue in our Knowledge Base article: Domain Mapping Affected by Upcoming IP Address Changes. You can also enter a Help Ticket by going to your Control Panel > Help > New Ticket and our Support Staff will be happy to provide assistance.

TypePad Maintenance Activities in the coming week

In keeping with our continued efforts to strengthen performance and scalability of our service, we are planning two events in the next week that you should be aware of as they may impact your use of TypePad.

Scheduled Maintenance - this Saturday Night – Database Server Upgrade

Starting from Saturday night at 11:00 pm PST thru Sunday morning at 4:00 am PST, we will be taking a scheduled maintenance window to upgrade our database server.   Upgrading the database server will enable us to further scale our operations and deliver stronger and more reliable performance.

Service Change – Tuesday, February 7th - Retiring old and temporary TypePad IP Addresses

One of the last steps in our data center migration is retiring our old and temporary IP addresses for TypePad’s published weblogs.  We moved to new IP addresses for the TypePad application and published weblogs in November but continued to accept traffic on older addresses to ensure a smooth transition.  It is now time to retire these.

As of 9:00 am PST on Tuesday, February 7th, We will no longer be accepting weblog traffic on IP addresses (old IP) or (temporary IP used during data center move)

The vast majority of our customers and readers of their blogs will not be impacted by this change. 

There are a small number of customers (less than 100, based on our analysis) who are currently using the Domain Mapping feature on TypePad and have hardcoded their domain to either of these IP.  As of 9:00 am on Tuesday, their weblogs will be inaccessible at their mapped domain name.   Viewers of these domain mapped weblogs will be presented with information explaining this service change and steps necessary to remap their domains.

In preparation for this event, we have emailed these customers on nearly a weekly basis, informing them about this change, and encouraging them to modify their settings at their domain registrar.  If you are one of those customers, or you feel that your blog may be affected by this IP address change, we encourage you to

(a) read the TypePad Knowledge Base article “Domain Mapping Affected by Upcoming IP Address Changes” and

(b) file a help ticket with our support team by logging into your account and visiting the Help tab in the Control Panel. 

Our support team will work closely with you to help you understand whether your domain will be affected by this change, and how to work with your domain registrar to make the appropriate changes.

We will be using to provide more up-to-date information about both Saturday night’s maintenance window, and the IP address retirement on Tuesday morning. 

See also: TypePad Maintenance Update