TypePad Maintenance Activities in the coming week
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TypePad Maintenance Update

We recently completed two scheduled events and we'd like to update you on the results.

Saturday's scheduled maintenance went well. This database server upgrade will help us to scale our operations and deliver more reliable performance.

Secondly, we finished our data center migration today, retiring a previous permanent IP address and a temporary IP address for TypePad's published weblogs.

Should you find that your weblog is unavailable at your custom domain, but is available at your TypePad URL, it's possible that your blog is one of the few (<100) affected by the migration.

You can find additional information on how to correct the issue in our Knowledge Base article: Domain Mapping Affected by Upcoming IP Address Changes. You can also enter a Help Ticket by going to your Control Panel > Help > New Ticket and our Support Staff will be happy to provide assistance.