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Introducing TypePad Widgets: Bling for your Blog

Ever wanted to spice up the sidebar of your blog with some content or functionality from another site?  Today we just made that a whole lot easier.  We’re excited to introduce TypePad Widgets, a new feature for TypePad that will bring dozens of features to your blog from the sites you're already using. 

What’s a Widget, you ask?  It could be a list of your most recent photos, or a topic-oriented search box, or a stats counter, or ads that help you make money, or a badge to help your users subscribe to your feed, or even a Flash game or a chat window.  We call it "bling for your blog."  We're launching with dozens of widgets from more than 30 partners, and more are on the way.  Here are just a few of the things you can do with TypePad Widgets:

Adding a Widget is simple.  Just browse the TypePad Widget Gallery to choose the Widget that’s right for your blog, configure it at the Widget provider’s site, and then post it to your blog.  We’ve added an easy way for you to choose the blog you want to add it to and preview it before it gets posted.  To learn more, read our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about TypePad Widgets, which has information about why we developed Widgets, what you can do with Widgets on your blogs, and more.

Interested in developing  your own Widgets?  Today we’re also launching an open program for Widget developers.  The API is easy to use; if you’re interested in developing a Widget and want to learn more, get in touch

We love bling, we love blogs.  What’s not to love about bling on your blog?  We’re excited about the launch of Widgets, and look forward to bringing you more...

Sharing Some Knowledge

One of the great things about blogging is integrating other cool services into your blog, whether in the main body or sidebar modules. In fact, we happen to know this is an area of great interest to bloggers. That's because we're constantly listening to and posting answers to your questions in our TypePad Knowledge Base, a living, breathing resource that reflects and reacts to what you want to know. That said, here are some articles that you've told us you want to read:

Read up. Rate the usefulness of our explanations. Ask more questions. And stay tuned for more developments in regards to integrating TypePad and cool third-party sites and services. We are always looking to deliver what bloggers want.