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Skypecasts and TypePad

skypecasts_logo.png One of most rewarding things about blogging are the communities that form around them. Whether you're a culture blogger, a tech blogger, a television blogger or using your blog to promote your business, chances are you're familiar with the roster of readers who tend to comment on or link to your posts. We're always on the lookout for ways to help TypePad bloggers bring their communities to life -- which is why we're so excited about Skypecasts.

Skypecasts is a new community feature from Skype that's currently in "preview." With Skypecasts you can host live, moderated discussions with up to 100 participants, and all they need is the Skype software. Yesterday Skype launched their Skypecasts Directory, as well as a Widget that lets TypePad users promote upcoming Skypecasts (either their own or Skypecasts they're interested in) on their blog.

Ready to start talking with your readers? Hosting a Skypecast is easy...

  1. Schedule your Skypecast. Got a topic for discussion? Got a time? Visit skypecasts.skype.com and schedule your Skypecast. It will be listed for anyone to discover and join.
  2. Promote it on your blog. Once you’re listed in the Skypecasts directory, promote your Skypecast on your blog. Link to your listing directly in your post, or use the Skypecast Widget for TypePad.
  3. Host your discussion. Connect using your Skype client to share your passion with your audience and have a bit of fun.

We'll be hosting our own Skypecasts soon -- look for an announcement here for the dates and times.