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Trumba and Mercora: two great new Widgets

We've recently added two new partners to the Widget program: Trumba, the web-based calendar publishing system, and Mercora, the world's largest (and legal) music radio network.

The Trumba Upcoming Events widget lets you display a live summary of upcoming events you recommend. Use it to show off the conferences you're attending, the book readings you're giving, your tour dates, or your just summer travel plans...whatever you think is noteworthy. Trumba makes it easy to create a calendar and share it with the world -- and they've integrated the "add to TypePad" feature right inside their publishing tools.

Passionate about music? The Mercora MusicSearch widget lets your readers search, find and listen to a collection of more than 3,000,000 songs by more than 200,000 artists. Mercora's network of music is streamed from individuals making their collections available for webcasting.

More great widgets are on the way. And if you're interested in developing your own Widgets, check out our Developer Documentation; we'd love to have your Widgets in the Gallery.