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A new look, and tagging for Technorati

If you're reading this on our (newly redesigned) blog or inside TypePad, you've probably noticed that things look a bit different around here.  (For those of you reading from the safe confines of your RSS reader, come take a look!)  Here's a bit of detail about how we've spruced the place up, and about a new feature we added to TypePad that we're excited about.

Our new public site
First, we launched a fairly significant overhaul to the public face of the TypePad website.  One of the things we learned in reviewing visitor feedback, site traffic patterns and our customer research was that our old site wasn't doing a good enough job explaining blogging to the uninitiated.  With the redesign, the site's more focused on explaining why you need a blog, and the benefits of blogging on TypePad.

TypePad members coming to the site have probably noticed that we've changed the login box to a "Members Sign In" link.  This link will take you directly into the TypePad application; we'll only ask you to log in if we we don't have an active session for you.  For most users, this simple link (as opposed to the ever-present login box) will result in faster access to the application.  Plus, once you're inside the TypePad application, you can always bookmark the new "Home" tab.

The new "Home" tab
Which brings us to the second thing we released -- the new "Home" tab inside TypePad.  We've revamped the application's home page to give you quick access to your blogs, your photo albums and your TypeLists, as well as easy ways to keep up on the news at Everything TypePad, our Featured Blogs and Widgets.  We also hope you find the rotating selection of Tips helpful.  Keep your eye on it; you might just learn something new.

Technorati_tag_published_1 Technorati tagging
Finally, we threw another "most wanted" feature into the release as well.  You can now easily add Technorati Tags to your blog posts.  While Technorati has always treated TypePad's categories as tags in their tag search, you can now go beyond categories and add additional labels to your posts.  So, for example, you might file your review of Miami Vice in the "Movies" category, but tag it with the additional labels Miami Vice, Michael Mann and genius.  Check out our Knowledge Base article "Using Technorati with TypePad" for details on how you can customize the display of your Compose page to add Technorati tags to your posts.