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Chat with Seth Godin, author of Small is the New Big

Sethgodinbookcover Seth Godin, author of Small is the New Big, has a mission -- to help business people realize how smart they already are.  He writes and talks relentlessly about the need to engage customers, to make your products or services remarkable, discussion-worthy, and to make sure your business ultimately keeps (and exceeds) its promises.

Chances are you've heard Godin's message before -- he blogs (on TypePad),  he speaks, he writes books.  He founded the pionieering online marketing firm Yoyodyne and, most recently, the expertise portal Squidoo.  His previous books include Permisison Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus, and All Marketers are Liars.

On Tuesday, August 22nd at 2:00 pm (PST) we'll be hosting a moderated Skypecast discussion with Seth Godin.  To participate, all you need is Skype and this link:  If you can't join us, we'll be recording the conversation and releasing it as a podcast later next week.