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Join us for our Business Blogging Seminars

Business_blog_tile_sm One of the things we love about TypePad is just how many businesses -- large and small -- are using it to get the word out about their products, their people and their markets.  We've seen so much interest in TypePad (and its sister product Movable Type) as a tool for business that we've created a series of Business Blogging Seminars around the country to discuss strategies, policies and best practices for business blogging.

If you're interested in enhancing your organization's blogging strategy, or know a friend or colleague who wants to get up to speed on how blogs and business can mix well, we recommend registering for one of our events.  Participants will...

  • Learn how to create effective blogging strategies and policies
  • Hear dynamic use cases from specific industries
  • See the latest blogging technologies demonstrated, including RSS and podcasting
  • Have specific business blogging questions addressed in our Q&A sessions

We'll be hitting different themes/industries in different cities around the U.S. this fall:  our Washington DC event on September 28th will be focused on Politics & Advocacy, for example, while our Chicago event will be focused on Marketing, PR and Advertising.  Visit our Business Blogging Seminar site for dates and details about how you can register to attend.