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Listen to our conversation with Shari Caudron

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting Shari Caudron for the latest in our monthly series of Skypecasts / podcasts with authors who blog on TypePad.  Shari is the author of Who Are You People, a Personal Journey into the Heart of Fanatical Passion in America, and blogs on TypePad at  Shari and I talked about everything from Barbie dolls to storm chasers to the Grobanites, as well as the combined power of blogs and  If you missed the Skypecast, you can listen to our conversation here, or you can grab the 19mb file directly.

This is our third TypePad podcast; if you're interested in subscribing to our amateur radio experiments in iTunes or another favorite audio player, you can grab an RSS feed of just our podcasts from our friends at Odeo.