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TypePad maintenance this Saturday night

We heard you...

Since we launched the new "Home" tab inside TypePad, we've heard from many of you that the page was a good start, but that it could use a little work.  Specifically, you told us that we should give more prominence to the tools that you use the most -- the QuickStart section that gives you easy access to your weblogs, TypeLists and Photo Albums.

This afternoon we pushed a change to the Home tab that does exactly that.  We've re-ordered things a bit, and moved the QuickStart module right to the top of the page, and shifted the other modules accordingly.  Let us know what you think!


Account Deleted

It's always nice to see usability improvements. The Home tab is just that - a small usability improvement.
Nice, but no big deal.

I'm hopeing Typepad does not start focussing on the icing yet, where so much of the cake is still half-baked.

Michael Sippey

Bernd -- thanks for your comment. There's a lot yet to do on TypePad; we're nowhere near "done" with the cake part.


I'm afraid I question whether you did hear us... I had thought, and said in a help ticket, that it was increasingly difficult to get through to the parts of TypePad where one actually does work; it certainly feels cumbersome.

Michael Sippey

Paul -- we're continually working on TypePad's infrastructure to improve application performance and to make it feel snappier. We've done a lot in the past six months to make the app more responsive, and we have a lot more improvements coming down the line.

Brian Smith

The interface is getting better. I've been a member for almost a year now and I see steady improvement. However, I don't see a pretty simple feature that I'd like to have added to the basic TypePad functionality. I'd like a way for my blog readers to be able to subscribe to an RSS feed (or email) for comments made on the blog.

Michael Sippey

Hey, Brian... Thanks for the feedback! If you're using Advanced Templates with a TypePad Pro account you can build a feed of comments; we'll look into adding that for non-advanced template users as well.

Risa and David Weiss

Here's what seems to be a simple feature - the ability for users to send a link to a post to a friend. This is standard in Blogger.


I think it's great - was my biggest frustration. Didn't occcur to me to say something about it. Is there a place to go to find out what is being worked on down the line?

Rob Edwards

What about including a link for visitor stats in the QuickStart box?

Erika Verginelli

It looks great! Thanks for that! I just hope you guys work on improving the stats page next! Thanks, Erika ;-)

Joe Kunkel

Is there any way to sort the listing of posts within a category, alphabetically, for example?


what about bringing some new themes, you haven't upgrade them in a very long time, some very bold themes are out there at your competitors, or what about giving non techies a few more tools to change their theme in a easier way.

other wise pretty happy with Typepad.

Kathy M.

I'm very pleased with TypePad.

Would love to have some flexibility around organizing my TypeLists on the main TypeList tab (even just being able to sort by "type" would be a start!); would also like to be able to tell at a glance which blog(s) a particular TypeList is active on. For example, TypeList #1 is active on Blog A & Blog D; TypeList #2 is active on Blog B & Blog C, etc.


Michael Sippey

This is all great feature feedback. Thanks so much, everyone!

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