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Defending your TypePad blogs from spam

One of the challenges of running a large and popular blog service (with a lot of very popular blogs) is that we've become an ever larger and more attractive target for spammers. More spam to filter means more computing dedicated to stopping it, which can occasionally mean degraded performance of the service. Recently, the service has been hit with a number of particularly large-scale spam attacks, some of which have impacted TypePad's performance and availability.

While we want to acknowledge the issue and explain the cause, for obvious reasons we can't go into specific details about the types of attacks we're seeing or the methods we're using to defend the service and your blogs from the attacks.  Our site operations team has been working around the clock to monitor TypePad and keep the service up and performing well for you.  Meanwhile, our engineering team is working on a new approach for combating spam, which we hope will improve our ability to block spam and keep the service performing well.

We appreciate your continued patience and support.  And as a reminder, if you're interested in real-time information about the state of TypePad, you can bookmark status.sixapart.com or subscribe to its feed.