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New themes and a few new features

CurvesblueLast night we launched some new features on TypePad that we're excited about, and want to make sure you know about them. 

First, we introduced eight new themes; four color variations each on "Hills" and "Curves."  "Hills" is one of the most popular design sets from Vox, so we went ahead and "borrowed" it for TypePad users.  (And we'll be doing more theme "borrowing" over the next couple of months, so stay tuned.)  Curves is a new theme that's exclusive for TypePad users, and we think it has a nice professional look to it.

Hillsmidnight Second, if you're using one of TypePad's built-in templates, you'll notice that your entry titles are now linked to the permalink of the post.  This makes it easier for readers to navigate to your individual entries.  (Those hyperlinks will start to appear as your blog is republished, which can happen when someone comments, when you create a new post, or if you choose to republish from the Design tab.) There's some minor tweaks to the CSS for blogs to make the change seamless from a design perspective, too.

If things look a little bit off on your blog, just do a hard refresh in your browser (hold down the Shift key when you click reload) you should get the updated stylesheet and all will be right with the world.

Third, now you can add page headers to your date-based and category archives.  If you get readers who come in from Google and wonder where they heck they are, now they'll know where they are -- your archive page will have a message saying that the page has "26 entries from January 2007," for example. You can see this in action here on Everything TypePad, just click on over to our Features category page to check it out.

Finally, we cleaned up TypePad's Weblogs Design tab and our content selection screen. Now it's super easy to figure out just how to tweak your blog's look and feel.  And to top it off, there are dozens and dozens of small bugs that we've fixed since you've let us know about them.  (Thank you!)

Let us know what you think -- more features are on the way and the TypePad team's  working hard to keep improving the service.

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