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Widgets make The New York Times

Nytimesbling The nice people at the New York Times have just posted Some Bling for your Blog, a look at Widgets for blogging. And hey -- "Bling For Your Blog" is the tagline we used to talk about TypePad Widgets when they first launched! Cool.

TypePad members are all over the story. Whether it's Pastor Hyatt or A VC or Guy Kawasaki, a lot of the coolest widgets are being shown off on TypePad. There's even a nice mention of Widgetbox, which powers hundreds of additional widgets for our Widget Gallery.

And that's one of the best things about TypePad widgets -- they just work. From Weather reports to web search, blufr to Bunchball to Bitty, you can put any of these bits of bling on your blog. Sometimes bloggers who switch to TypePad worry about whether a widget will work on their blog or not. (On other tools, 90% of the widgets that are listed on a website don't work.) But don't sweat it: all of the TypePad widgets listed in the gallery can work on your TypePad blog today. Go add some bling to your blog!