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Getting Started with Widgets

Widgets on a Blog You’ve heard all about the great new widgets that are available for use with your TypePad weblog, but you’re not sure how to start using them? The Knowledge Base is here to help you!

Widgets are a great way to add all kinds of extra functionality to your weblog.  With widgets, you can do everything from placing customizable polls in your sidebar to highlighting the television shows you watch.  You can even turn your entire blog into a widget!

Most widgets are very simple to add to your weblog.  You would first go to our ever-expanding Widget Gallery and choose the widget that you would like to add.  Click the "Get This Widget Now" button and you'll go through steps to configure your widget.  You'll then usually be presented with a button or an option to install your widget, which will take you to the "Add a Sidebar Widget" page within TypePad, where you select the blog you'd like to use the widget for.

We have a number of articles to give you more detailed information on how to get going with some of our most popular widgets:

If you have questions about configuring or using widgets, we encourage you to open a help ticket by going to your Control Panel and then clicking the Help tab.