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Adding a Blogroll to your blog sidebar

Podcasting Made Easy

Podcasting with TypePad is very easy. All you need to do is insert an audio file in a post, publish it and you have just started your very own podcast. TypePad does the heavy lifting for you by adding podcasting enclosures to your weblog's RSS feed. For a great example of a TypePad blog with a podcast, check out TypePad Books.

Creating a post for your podcast What we love most about podcasting with TypePad, besides how easy it is, is how we can use the fields in a post to enhance a podcast. For example, the text that represents the podcast episode's description in your aggregator comes from the content in the Post Body field by default. But by using the Excerpt field, you can display a custom description for your podcast's episode. This way you can include what you want in the body of your post, without worrying about how it will affect the episode's description. You can find this and other podcasting tips in our knowledge base.

Podcast in iTunes
An example of a podcast in iTunes

You can also add an extra touch to your podcast's weblog by incorporating the del.icio.us streaming player for your MP3 files. This particular MP3 player is lightweight, easy to install and also allows users to easily tag your posts in del.icio.us.

To display the MP3 player, just add the JavaScript in a Notes TypeList item and enable it on your weblog's content selections. This turns a simple link to your MP3 file into an easy, on demand mp3 player. You can find the javascript and more on this MP3 player here.