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New Widgets from Amazon Associates

Amazonexpressyourselfscreenshot We've been adding a lot of new Widgets to the TypePad Widget Gallery recently, but we couldn't be more excited about our newest Widgets from Amazon.com Associates. They have just unveiled typepadwidgets.amazon.com, which features three Widgets built specifically for TypePad users.

  • The Express Yourself Widget lets you recommend and comment on products from Amazon.com
  • The Search Widget lets your readers find and explore interesting products from Amazon.com without them leaving your site
  • The Quick Linker Widget lets you quickly link to relevant Amazon.com products, by including a custom HTML tag as you write your blog posts.

The Widgets are highly customizable -- not only can you pick the products to display or the categories to search, but you can also customize the colors and look and feel of each Widget to fit well with your TypePad blog.  And if you're a member of the Amazon Associates program, you can enter your Associates ID when you're customizing the Widget to make money when readers purchase items you link to.

As with all of our Widgets, installing takes just a few clicks.  To get started, visit the TypePad Widget Gallery or head straight to typepadwidgets.amazon.com to explore, customize and install an Amazon Widget for your blog.