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The Knowledge Base: Not Just for New Users

Advancedtemplateedit While the TypePad Knowledge Base may seem to be geared more towards new users, it's also a great resource for our more experienced users, such as those using Advanced Template sets.

If you’re looking for more advanced tricks, you can place a random entry in your sidebar - even entries just from specific categories or time periods.  This is a good way to highlight specific information or posts that you’d like to make sure are seen by your readers.

For those of you who have invited additional guest authors to post on your weblog, you can learn how to create a page that lists each author’s posts, making it easy for your readers to find all posts by an author.

There’s even articles on using banners with Advanced Template sets or Custom CSS, including how to center a banner in a fluid theme or add a banner to one of our many pre-defined themes which allows you more flexibility for your weblog’s design.

You can find a complete listing of all of these - as well as other ideas for both Advanced Template sets and Basic Templates - here.

If you'd like to know when we make changes to the Knowledge Base, which is a good way to learn about new features and ideas, we recommend subscribing to our Knowledge Base feed.