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We’ve made it easier to manage posts, comments, TrackBacks, and TypeLists

This afternoon we launched some feature improvements that will make it easier for you to manage your posts, comments, and TrackBacks, as well as improving the way you add and manage items in your Book and Music TypeLists.

Easier filtering of posts, comments, and TrackBacks.

TypelistaddIf you spend a lot of time managing your posts, comments, and TrackBacks, you’re probably familiar with the Filters feature, which helps you narrow lists to find the exact items you’re looking for.  In this release, we’ve made Filters even easier to use.  They now work in the same way on all three management pages (posts, comments, and TrackBacks), and display the current filter settings at all times to help you remember what you’ve selected. 

Add content via TypeList search. Better TypeList management.

We’ve also added a search feature for Book and Music TypeLists to allow you to search by keyword, then select entries from the search results.  Now, if you don’t remember an exact title of an item you don’t have go to an outside site to look it up.  So, if you want to add “Black Swan Green” to your book list, but can’t remember the author’s name, you can simply search on the title and select the appropriate result to have the title, author, and thumbnail populated automatically.  Additionally, we’ve streamlined the TypeList management page to allow you to bulk-edit lists and see up to 20 items at once. We’ve also changed the interface for ratings from a dropdown list to a one-click star system.

We hope you enjoy these improvements and, as always, we welcome your feedback.