Perk Up Your Weblog with Custom CSS
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Include content at the end of your posts by customizing the post footer

The footer area at the bottom of your weblog posts can be a great way to provide more content for your readers. A lot of information can be included in the post footer, including the Author Nickname and links to popular social bookmarking services like and Digg.

Weblog Post FooterAt Weblogs > Design > Select Content, you can select the content you want included in your post footer. Options include providing links to the index pages for categories assigned to the post, showing the date and/or time the post was published, and displaying the Author Name. This allows your readers to learn more about the post.

If you have a blog with blog multiple Guest Authors, you may want to include the Author Name in the post footer to show who composed each post. The Author Name displayed will be the full name included in the Author Profile, unless you have a Nickname designated. Enter a Nickname at Control Panel > Profile to prevent your full name from being included in search engines or to remain anonymous.

Or maybe you want to point your readers to further resources related to your post. From the Edit Post Page, you can enter Technorati Tags that connect your blog to Technorati and include your post in search results with other posts using the same tags. We also have tips for how you can use Custom CSS to style of the tags displayed on your blog in our Knowledge Base.

Another popular option is connecting your blog to FeedBurner, which allows you to add FeedFlares to both your blog and feed. These options make it easy for readers to share and promote your posts. For example, TypePad's Featured Blogs includes links to email the post, bookmark with, and subscribe to the feed, all using FeedFlares.

The Featured Footer

FeedBurner has a vast catalog of available FeedFlares that can be added, including AddThis, email author, and view Creative Commons license. You can also create your own using the FeedBurner API.

Still hungry for more? With Advanced Templates, Pro level users can further customize the post footer by editing the <$MTEntryPostFooter$> tag as described in our Knowledge Base. Editing the MTEntryPostFooter tag allows you to customize the default text, like "Posted by" and "Comments", or remove the Permalink.