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Metatags_2 As bloggers ourselves, we know the thrill that comes with learning that new readers have found our blogs. So, we’re very excited to tell you about a new feature that can help new readers discover just what your site's about -- editable meta tags.

As described in this Knowledge Base article, meta tags are bits of text that live in the HTML code of your blog. Meta tags are not visible to a person viewing the page in their browser, but many search engines use this information when listing websites in search results.

Meta tags come in two flavors: Keywords and a Description. Keywords are a list of words that relate to the content of your blog. If you write a gardening blog, your might use words like “tulips” “roses” and “orchids” to help readers looking for information on those flowers find your site. The Description is a short summary of the content of your weblog. So, you might write “a blog about gardening” to describe your gardening blog.

To add meta tags to your blog, go to Weblogs > Configure > Publicity and fill in the Keywords and Description fields in the Meta Keywords and Descriptions area. After saving your changes and republishing your weblog, your meta tags are automatically inserted in your weblog. You can modify the Keywords and Description fields at any time to update your meta tags.