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Image is everything!

The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" is especially true in blogging. For this reason, TypePad makes it easy to add images to your account in many different ways.

Photo Albums can be created at all levels of TypePad and are a great way to upload and manage a collection of images. You can upload images in batches via the Photo Album Upload page, or use a zip file to upload multiple images at once. If you're a Windows XP user, you can download and install a wizard for the Windows XP File Explorer to easily upload images to your Photo Album, right from your computer folders. Then, you can choose to display all or just a few of your Photo Albums on your weblog's sidebar so that your readers can easily access them.

You can easily add images directly into your posts using the Insert Image button, and there are many ways to style and align your images in a post. If you post many images from your camera phone or mobile device (we recommend using TypePad Mobile for this if you have a compatible device), or if you want to feature your posted images, you may want to choose from one of our Mixed Media layouts - which are designed to highlight images uploaded into posts.


Or maybe you have a Flickr account, and you'd like to use your Flickr-hosted images in your TypePad post, without having to reupload them to TypePad. You can set up your account at Flickr to send images to your TypePad weblog posts - this can also help you limit your bandwidth usage

Additionally, you can add images to your sidebar (including third-party scripts like slideshows and Flickr badges) using a Notes TypeList. Be sure to also check out our photo and video widgets for more easy ways to display images in your sidebar.