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Google Sitemaps are simple text files that describe – in a language Google’s computers understand – the pages on your site, what they're about, and how often they change. And now TypePad can create and publish one for your site automatically.

If you're using one of our pre-defined themes, or have customized your own with our point-and-click tools, you can automatically publish a Sitemap by visiting the Publicity page on the Configure tab of your weblog, selecting “On” in the Google Sitemap section, saving that change and republishing your blog. If you're using Advanced Templates, you can create your own index template with a Google Sitemap based by simply following the instructions and copying-and-pasting the handy code we've provided in this Knowledge Base Article.

From then on, every time you update your blog, your Sitemap is updated along with it. To make sure that Google knows about it, though, you should register for an account at the Google Webmaster Tools site, and give them your sitemap URL (you'll find it on the Publicity page). You can read more about how Google uses Sitemaps, and how you can submit yours to them in this article in the Google Help Center.