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New_comment_email_2 You asked for it, and you got it: We've improved TypePad's comment and TrackBack notification emails. The fixes and changes we've made were based directly on your feedback. Notification messages are now clearer, cleaner and easier to act on. And for the first time you can now (finally!) report a piece of feedback as spam right from the email; You don't have to go to TypePad's comment or TrackBack listing screens to let us know about junk on your blog. (You can still keep tabs on your blog feedback that way, too, of course.)

And we didn't stop at the email notification. Once you click through on those notifications, you'll discover a redesigned comment viewing and editing screen. The little menu options that fly out when you point at items now make it easier to act on comments or TrackBacks right from within the listing screens.

One of the big reasons we've made these usability tweaks is to improve TypePad's spam filtering tools. You'll probably notice a big, prominent "Report as Spam" button; We've had this functionality in TypePad for over a year, but we haven't always made it easy for you to get to until now. So if you think a comment or a TrackBack is coming from a spammer, use that "Report as Spam" link and you'll be helping our community's filtering tools can get better, faster and smarter.