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Adding a job board to your blog

Jobamaticrobot If you're writing your blog for a specific audience -- technology enthusiasts, healthcare professionals, designers, etc. -- a great way to help make money from your blog and provide a service for your readers is running your own job board.  Our friends at Simply Hired recently introduced Job-A-Matic, which lets you build your own job board, sell job listings on  your site, and make money along the way.

What we love about Job-A-Matic is just how easy they've made it to integrate a job board with a TypePad blog. 

And don't worry about having an empty board; when you create your job board you can choose to syndicate in job listings from the Simply Hired network.  And when someone posts a job on your board, that listing is shared across the Simply Hired network and out on to sites like LinkedIn and MySpace, giving your listings more visibility.

Job-A-Matic runs their blog on TypePad, and it's a great place to learn more about how to get started with a job board, and how to make the most of their service.