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You Look Fabulous!

When you create a weblog with TypePad, you are given access to to a variety of designs. You can choose from our professionally designed themes or use features that will allow you to design a theme of your very own.

All TypePad users - from Basic to Business Class - have access to our pre-defined themes. There are over seventy different looks that you can choose from. These range from minimalist themes to themes that are designed with a specific hobby or event in mind.

Let's say that you're getting married and you want to share all the details with your friends and family on your weblog. We have a design that is just right for you. Are you a knitter, planning a spectacular vacation, or expecting a baby? These are just three of the other specialty themes that you can apply to your weblog.


It may be that your weblog is more business oriented. If this is the case, then you may be interested in one of our more professional looking themes like Squares or Minimalist.


As a Plus, Pro, or Premium subscriber, you are able to create your own custom theme. This will allow you to create a design just for your weblog where you can choose your own colors and fonts, and even add a banner image to your weblog. We have information on how to create your own banner in our Knowledge Base, if you're unsure how to do this on your own.

Here are a few examples of Custom Themes from our Featured Blogs Weblog:


If you're one of our Pro or Premium subscribers, you have access to our Custom CSS feature. With this, you can make changes to a Basic design to come up with your own look, like the design seen at Pretty Pear.


For example, with the Custom CSS feature you could center a banner in a fluid theme or even add a background image to your weblog.

Also, if you're a Pro or Premium subscriber, you are able to convert to an Advanced Template Set, which allows you to completely edit your weblog's HTML. This comes in handy if you have an existing website that you would like your weblog's design to mimic.

These examples are just a few from our Featured Blogs Weblog that make use on an Advanced Template Set:

We have more design tips and tricks for our Pro and Premium subscribers in our Knowledge Base.

As you can see, the possibilities of your weblog's design are limitless when using TypePad!

-- Kymberlie and the TypePad Support Team