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Adding Advanced code to your weblog Posts or Pages

With all of the great embeddable content, such as videos, slideshows, and maps, that are available for adding to your weblog, you may want to create a post or page that uses some advanced coding.

While the Edit HTML tab via the Rich Text Editor can be used to add simple code or make minor changes to the style, displaying advanced code, such as Google maps, ads or embedded videos in a Post or Page is best added using the Plain Text Editor

Displaying code using the Rich Text editor can cause display issues or may prevent the embedded content from working as expected.

To add advanced code in a post or page, you would start by clicking to Compose > New Post or Compose > New Page under the Weblogs tab. At the bottom of the New Post or New Page screen, click on the "Customize the display of this page" link, and then switch to Plain Text in the new window and save your changes. Once the Compose screen reloads, you can then copy and paste the code provided, make any edits you would like, and then save the post or page.

Once you have published the post, you can click to the New Post or New Page link and then again click on the "Customize the display of this page" link to reset your preference to the the Rich Text editor.

-- Zalary and the TypePad Support Team



This is a neat tip! I'm glad to learn how to do this.

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