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London is one of the world’s most exciting cities, and in this tour, you’ll learn about it from TypePad bloggers who live, work, and play there. It’s such a cosmopolitan (and enormous) city, no single tour could do it justice, but these bloggers bring it to life in fresh new ways.

Does commuting through London on a bicycle sound like sheer lunacy? Kimbofo assures us in her London Cycling Diary that it can indeed be nuts out there. But don’t feel too badly for her: she gets to ride the length of Hyde Park and her posts regularly get numerous comments, attesting to her engaging writing. Check out her book blog, Reading Matters, too.

The Bookseller Crow has been called one of the best independent bookshops in London, and its blog, The Bedside Crow, demonstrates a passion for its customers, authors, and books. Shop owner Jonathan uses the blog to report on new arrivals, contemplate life in the neighborhood, and to invite customers in for author readings.  If you can't make it into the shop, you can help shoe the kids by buying books online from the shop. 

A love of books and the English language is clearly on display in the Penguin Blog. Run by the editors, copywriters and staff of Penguin Books, the first mainstream book publisher to start a blog, the posts follow a book through the publishing process, update us on industry gossip, and feature some of Penguin’s favorite authors. The post about the blog’s first birthday is an entertaining look back over the many comments, readers and controversy.


Susie Bubble has a passion for fashion, and she blogs about it in Style Bubble, a chronicle of her musings and opinions about fashion the world over. No wonder she was invited by Chanel Paris to learn about their global operations - her enthusiasm for style  is infectious, and her photos and commentary engaging. Her coverage of Paris and the Chanel empire includes her visit the perfumerie, the Ritz where Coco Chanel lived, and Chanel headquarters.

Speaking of fashion, Imran Amed’s blog, The Business of Fashion details the side of design and style many people don't see. Amed offers an in-depth perspective on the business goings-on in the fashion industry, such as during New York Fashion Week; his commentary details the business taking place behind the curtain and beyond the runway.

Finally, we can’t talk about London without mentioning Shiny Media. Shiny started its online publishing business in 2004 with a handful of blogs dedicated to games, music, mobile technology, and gadgets – including one specifically for women. The company now has 40 blogs that focus on anything from women’s shoes to the popular TV series Coronation Street to bridal fashion to books.  It's no wonder they're seeing steep growth rates in page views of their blogs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this “blog’s eye view” of London – stay tuned for more exciting trips in the months ahead!


Andrew Denny

For the UK, how about looking at the remarkable blogosphere of English canal boats? There's a tremendous vibrancy about the number of liveaboard canal boaters who are blogging on the UK canals. It's perhaps analogous to RV users in the USA - but there are many more UK boaters blogging afloat.
See my typepad blog,

Andrew Denny

John Morrison

As far as I am aware I am the only Typepad blogger to write regularly about London theatre -- so please give me a mention!

John Morrison

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