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Let the Challenge begin!

Donors Choose Kids We mentioned the Blogger Challenge last week and invited our TypePad members to use a gift certificate to explore and support Donors Choose, a non-profit organization that matches up teachers in need of funds for classroom projects with people who want to donate to those projects. Thousands of Six Apart customers requested gift certificates to get familiar with the Donors Choose platform.

Well, the Challenge has begun. We hope that many of you have pulled out your Donors Choose widget, signed up for a challenge, and urged your readers to donate to the projects you’ve identified. At the end of this month, bloggers who raise the most money, engage the most number of readers, reach the most kids, and use the most creative method of mobilizing their readers will win awards. Six Apart is sponsoring the award for the bloggers who impact the greatest number of kids.

Here’s some more detail about the Challenge. We hope you and your readers enjoy participating in this innovative philanthropic effort. We fully expect TypePad members to be among the winners of the awards!

We’ll report on the results of the Challenge at the end of the month.