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Share the Power of Blogging on Blog Action Day

Attention TypePad members: Blog Action Day is this Monday, October 15th.Blog_action_day_234x60_4 It is a day that bloggers around the world can make an impact together by blogging about the environment. The founders of Blog Action Day set the day aside to draw attention to this very important issue. Bloggers are encouraged to write as they normally would, but along the lines of the environment theme.

Given the far reach of our TypePad members, we encourage you to participate in this day too. There are three ways to do so: post about the environment on October 15th, donate any earnings from that day to a charity or one listed on the Blog Action site, and/or help promote the initiative by putting a banner or post on your blog. You can find the banners here.

It's a simple  but inspiring call to action that can make a statement on many levels. 10,300 blogs are already signed up (and increasing every minute) and have a reach of over 8,290,000 subscribers. On October 15th, we all have a chance to participate in and see the impact of uniting our diverse voices toward one issue that affects us all. See you on Monday.


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