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A brief interview with Alex Ross

Simple Tips to Maximize your Blog's Message

Many of our TypePad members have developed audiences by focusing on a particular topic, and predictably covering that topic in their blogs. Those of you who are looking to attract and keep a bigger audience for your blog may enjoy learning from these pros. Here are some simple tips you can incorporate into your writing style to make your blog even more engaging:

1. Spell it out.      
You know what your blog’s about, but do your readers? Add a short phrase under your blog name to tell the subject: (i.e., “daily reflections on being a mom”, “environmentally-friendly landscaping”, “all about animals”.)

2. Stay on topic.   
Write about your interest and stick to it, whether it’s economics, crafting, or stamp collecting. The more you stay on topic, the more people will regard you as a source to go to – but not if you’re a photographer who suddenly starts posting about TV shows.

3. Think of your audience.   
What do your readers comment on? What do they like? Find out and deliver on their expectations! Respond to comments quickly.

4. Provide contact information.
Phone numbers, email, contact forms…they’re all good. If you want to avoid being caught by spammers via your email, spell out certain words in your email address (i.e., [email protected] would become billatsixpartdotcom).  Your audience will get to you, but spammers won't.

5. Say who you are.   
Many bloggers don’t have an “About” section, or if they do, it’s incomplete. Provide a brief bio about yourself and your blog, tell what you’re writing about, and why; this will help readers understand you and your purpose.


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