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TypePad customers in the news: Keep ‘em coming!

Last week, we showcased several TypePad customers in the news. Some of you sent other recent stories that include TypePad customers, so we’re covering them as well as new stories this week.

For example, Martha Stewart Living magazine included Going Local, a blog written by Indiana-based food writer, recipe creator, and Advanced Master Gardener Victoria Wesseler, in an issue titled ‘going green.’ The seasonal foods grown on her mini-farm in Lebanon, Indiana, called Dirtpatch, inspire the blog posts and great recipes in her TypePad blog.

Adoptive Families magazine included the Chronicles of Mommyhood blog where you can get a peek at the joys and challenges of adoption through one couple's experiences in adopting Gavin.

Speaking of mommyhood, the San Jose Mercury news featured The Silicon Valley Moms blog and Alice Bradley's blog Finslippy in a story about mommy bloggers spreading news about political campaigns. (Registration might be needed)

We’re looking forward to hearing about other customers in the news. Keep ‘em coming!

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