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TypePad Customers In The News

We always love it when our customers — and the great things you are doing with TypePad — are spotlighted in the media.

Over the past couple of weeks, some TypePad blogs have been mentioned in several features, and we’d like to spotlight them:

BusinessWeek highlighted Dover Canyon Winery in an article about small businesses that blog. The article mentions that the winery’s “Mail-order sales have almost doubled in the past year, and the blog is an inexpensive way to reach the growing number of online buyers.”

The New York Times ran a story about how small businesses are starting their online presence with blogs rather than Websites. The article includes an interview with Jody DeVere, the president of AskPatty.com, about her TypePad blog of the same name. In the article, DeVere says, “Our blog has been the driving force of our branding effort and become the way we find our readers and our customers.”

The LA Times also ran a couple of articles featuring TypePad blogs. One, an article about food blogging (requires login) and how food critics blog their critiques rather than use print publications, includes the TypePad blog Restaurant Girl.

The other LA Times article features AJ Schnack, a documentary filmmaker who started his blog to talk about his filming of “Kurt Cobain About a Son,” and has found that the blog has taken on a life of its own. It is now being followed by those in the documentary filmmaking field, and Schnack is regarded as an expert in the industry thanks to it.

We look forward to following other TypePad members as you and your blogs make the news. Drop us a line if you’d like us to mention it here in Everything TypePad. We may not be able to mention all of you, but we’ll certainly try!


Randy Willis

It's cool to see some of the TypePad blogs that are in the news. I just came across someone's here: http://www.adoptivefamilies.com/articles.php?aid=1281. It's a story about how adoptive couples are using blogs (including some TypePad blogs) to share about their adoption journeys (as my wife and I are at our blog).

Karly Pitman

My blog, First Ourselves (www.firstourselves.com), and my work with helping women love their bodies was featured on Joanie Greggains' radio show on KGO (www.kgoam810.com/viewentry.asp?ID=362962&PT=PROGRAM) this morning. I've gotten many compliments on my blog's look and feel: thank you Typepad for making an easy to use, and great looking product.


Thanks for mentioning me Randy!


My blog HaroldSays,
and the work I do as a consumer advocate to help people with their complaints or issues with companies or government agencies for FREE, was featured in the Sunday October 14th edition of The Sunday Times in Scranton, PA. The Paper has a circulation of between 70 and 80 thousand readers. Since the article I have been getting a good response from people and have been able to help a number of people with this complaints or issues as well as answer their consumer-related questions. I've received a number of compliments on how my blog looks. I too want to thank the good people at Six Apart and TypePad for creating such a great service and product.

Max Pearl

My blog was recently featured in the Arts and Entertainment section of the Boston Globe, as well as in myspace news... Apparently there's no one else out there trying to mend the lackluster condition of Boston's youth-friendly nightlife. Maybe you'd like to do a feature as well. The links to both the globe and myspace news articles are in my most recent post. Hope you like.

Max Pearl

P.S. My blog is @ under21inboston.typepad.com

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