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A new look for Everything TypePad

Two of our resident design gurus -- Mena Trott and Walt Dickinson -- have been hard at work on a new look for Everything TypePad that we think you'll really like. We've updated the layout, colour scheme and fonts for a more pleasant reading experience. (If you're not seeing the new design or if things look a little odd, hit refresh in your browser.)

The new design includes the latest from Featured TypePad Blogs to help inspire you. (You can submit your own site here if you're ready to inspire others.)

Have feedback for us? Seeing any bugs that need fixing? Let us know in the comments.



This looks great! Hope the team is doing well. :)


This looks outstanding. You really did a great job.


Hi I love this look. Was getting the 2nd sidebar positioned at the bottom of the page difficult? I'd like to do something similar with a 3-sidebar layout. And I'm wondering if you could share some tips...

Thanks & Thanks for ALL the help I've gotten from
Everything TypePad!

Walt Grayson


Catharine, the new Everything TypePad is actually a two-column layout which has been converted into an Advanced Template set. And the footer is a custom template module that's included on many of the index and archive templates. So, in this case, it's not a restyled column.

If you're interested in seeing how a column can be styled as a footer, Michael Sippey's blog is currently an excellent example of that technique:

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