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A new look for Everything TypePad

Advanced Customizations with CSS

While we offer a variety of themes and layouts, subscribers at the Pro, Premium or Business Class level can also use CSS to change the look and feel of their weblog without Advanced templates. TypePad designs are created with CSS flexibility in mind, so you can make big changes with just a few code edits.

The Custom CSS option can be used to make minor changes, such as styling a blockquote or highlighting Technorati tags.

You can use CSS to have control over the column widths for your weblog. Whether you using a pre-defined or a Custom theme, we have detailed instructions on changing your column widths with CSS as well as information on adding background images to your weblog or even to each specific column.

You can also use Custom CSS to add a customized banner to a pre-defined theme or remove the default banner padding that is automatically included.

Basic Pre-Defined TypePad Template

Basic Pre-Defined TypePad Template with Custom CSS changes

If you're using an Advanced Template set, you can even use CSS to set up a mobile or print-friendly version of your weblog following the instructions found here.

We are always working to add new tips and tricks to our Knowledge Base, so be sure to watch that article for different things that you can do to jazz up your weblog.

- Zalary and the Support Team

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