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Share your new blog posts with your friends on Facebook

Facebookbeaconscreenshot As Facebook announced yesterday, we are excited to offer Facebook Beacon functionality on TypePad. Facebook Beacon is a new feature on Facebook makes it simple to insert actions into your Facebook Mini-Feed and News Feed from sites outside of Facebook, and then in turn share them with your friends on Facebook. Offering Facebook Beacon on TypePad means that you can now choose to share your new blog posts with your friends on Facebook.

This is an opt-in feature -- you'll be able to control whether or not you want to send your posts to Facebook, and of course we'll only do this when you're creating posts on the blogs you publicize. We see this as a great way to help you let your friends on Facebook know that you've updated your blog.  You can read the TypePad Knowledge Base article for more information about how to enable Facebook Beacon for your blog.


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