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TypePad Tour of Chicago


This month, we’re touring TypePad in Chicago, where professors at the University of Chicago Law School, a green building advocate, some music lovers, and a mortgage planning specialist are just some of the Windy City’s bloggers.

Lofty legal issues are discussed and debated by the faculty at the University of Chicago Law School on their TypePad blog. Plenty of lively discussion, thinking, and research take place on a wide variety of legal topics, from whether the current Supreme Court session will usher in a paradigm shift, to whether liberals should start being originalists.

Chicago is a city known for its architecture, and green buildings are the subjects of GreenBean, a TypePad blog written by Erik Olsen, Green Projects Administrator for the Chicago Department of Construction and Permits and manager of the Green Permit Program. Olsen posts drawings and photos of environmentally-friendly projects that are unbuilt, in-progress, or complete as a resource for the Chicago design and development community. 

Speaking of  building projects, don’t miss Dan Green's blog, The Mortgage Reports. Green is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, and uses his blog to discuss the state of the economy and how it affects the mortgage and real estate market. Green dispenses advice to real estate buyers, is interviewed by other experts in the field and then posts the podcasts for all to hear.

Chicago has plenty of music, and plenty of people who write about it, starting with music journalist Mark Geelhoed. His TypePad blog, Deceptively Simple, is full of news, reviews and commentary about happenings in the Chicago classical music scene. Geelhoed gives helpful recommendations in his sidebar, like Compact Discs Worth Your Dollars, and introduces Musicians With Blogs in another sidebar. This is a must-read for anyone interested in local classical music.

Brian Dickie shares his enthusiasm for his role with the Chicago Opera in Brian Dickie, Life as General Director of Chicago Opera Theater. This is a blog that brims with Brian’s contagious love for all things opera. It contains beautiful photos and reports of his travels around the world scouting singers and judging opera competitions, and of local opera news and events. It’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a world most of us never see.

Now let’s go subterranean to visit Radio Free Chicago, a TypePad blog that is "Chicago's Underground Music and Media Resource". Ten contributors post live reviews, previews, news, interviews, podcasts, downloads and more on this comprehensive compendium, making this a happening site for all music fans.

We barely scratched the surface of TypePad users in Chicago, so we'll return again for another tour.


Dan Green

Thanks for the shout out, guys. It's nice to know that a boring guy like me writing about boring topics like home loans can make his way onto TypePad's radar.

My contact info is all over the blog. Reach out -- I'd be thrilled to take you to a special Chicago hotspot for coffee. Ever hear of "Starbucks"? Anyway, you'll LOVE it.

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