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New! Spam folders help keep your blog spam-free

Update: Thank you for all of your comments letting us know that the spam service is being overaggressive in categorizing your blogs' comments as spam! This is great feedback. We're working on a change that will help keep legitimate comments out of the spam folder and will post an update when it's done.

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy rolling out new features for the comment service. Today, we added out another great new feature – a spam folder for comments and TrackBacks, similar to the spam or junkmail folder found in your email service or program. This feature is available to all users.

What does the spam folder do?

The TypePad spam service prevents over half a million of pieces of spam from reaching TypePad blogs each day. But there are some messages we can’t quite be sure about. Is a comment about a mail order pharmacy on a blog about healthcare spam, or a part of the discussion? We let messages we’re unsure about through our spam filter so you don’t miss legitimate comments.

Until today, that meant that comment and TrackBack spam may have still been published on your blog. Now that we’ve added spam folders for comments and TrackBacks we can let you see messages we’re unsure of without automatically publishing them to your blog. Any messages we think may be spam will be put into the spam folders found on the comment and TrackBack listing pages.

If you find a message in a spam folder isn’t spam, simply select it and click “publish” in the dropdown to publish it to your blog. If you find a message in your regular comment or TrackBack folder, simply select it and click “report spam” to unpublish it and move it to the spam folder.

TypePad Spam Folder

We heard from many of you who used the word and IP banning features that you sometimes miss legitimate comments from those addresses or using those words. We’ll now put comments flagged by those features into the spam folder so you have a chance to review them. 

How you can help make the spam service even better

Each time you flag a message as spam, or publish a legitimate message that’s found its way to the spam folder you help to teach TypePad what it should and shouldn’t treat as spam. Over time, this helps to make the spam service better for you, and the entire TypePad community.

You can read more about the spam folders in this Knowledge Base article.

New video tutorials in the Knowledge Base!

Screencasts The Support team has just added four action packed video tutorials to the TypePad Knowledge Base. For new subscribers, check out the Gettng Started with TypePad video, which offers an overview of the main features in your TypePad account. We've also added videos for using FeedBurner with TypePad, creating a blogroll, and verifying your site with Google.

You can see a list of all of the articles with video tutorials here. If you come across an article that you think could be enhanced with a video, let us know by using the "How well did this answer your question?" form at the bottom of the article's page, or leave a comment on this post.

We hope you enjoy watching the video tutorials as much as we enjoy making them!

- Colleen and the Support Team

Turn your blog into a store with the PayPal Storefront Widget

Our friends at PayPal have just launched their new PayPal Storefront Widget. The widget – designed to integrate seamlessly with TypePad blogs – lets you embed a virtual storefront into your blog you can use to sell...well...just about anything! With the holiday season in full swing, we see this as a great tool for crafters and artists looking for an easy way to sell gifts through their blogs. The widget is a complete eCommerce solution that includes product descriptions, a shopping cart and integration with PayPal's secure payment system. And it's very easy to set up. Have something to sell? Create your own PayPal Storefront and add it to your blog today!

You can see the widget in action, and read a detailed review on John Unger's TypePad Hacks blog.

This widget is a bit wider than most, and fits nicely into the two wide themes we released last month. Want to use a wide sidebar, but keep your current theme? If your account level is Pro or higher you can set the width of your sidebars using custom CSS.

I had a lot of fun working with Judy Chang and the rest of the PayPal team bringing this together. We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments! You can read more about the widget on The PayPal Blog.

We're hiring!

The TypePad team is growing, and we're looking for some smart, talented people to come join us build the next generation of blogging tools and services. We work in San Francisco with some of the smartest people around, and everyone has a stake in the products we ship. We're committed to simple and elegant user experiences, powerful capabilities and open standards.

If you are a talented software engineer, visual designer, product manager, ad operations manager, marketing coordinator, account executive -- or just know TypePad inside and out and want to help us make it great -- check out and get in touch!