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Who's in the News?

Great coverage of our customers Sweet RiotFree Money Finance and Healthblawg in a New York Times article on how blogging has become a useful and effective marketing tool.

Sweet Riot's chief executive was interviewed and said "she started blogging a few months before starting her company in 2005 to give people a behind-the-scenes look at the business."

John Nardini's blog Free Money Finance said "he chose personal finance because it is a popular search category on the Web and because he knew he would not tire of posting about it."

Great content and results keep getting our customers media attention! We can't wait to see what comes up next! If your blog (or the blog of someone you know) has been featured in the news, let us know!


David Harlow

Somewhere between sweetriot and Free Money Finance, the Times linked to my Typepad blog as well: HealthBlawg. Check it out at http://healthblawg.typepad.com . A while back, HealthBlawg was noted in a Managed Care Magazine piece on blogs covering managed care, as one of the best of the bunch (in print and on line at http://www.managedcaremag.com/archives/0707/0707.blogs.html ) -- the only blawg mentioned in either article, by the way.

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