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Faster loading and more intuitive Photo Albums

We made TypePad's photo albums a little bit better today, especially for your site's visitors. We've added pagination to photo index pages, and better navigation on your photo detail pages, which means your albums are now faster to load and easier to navigate.

Paginated photo albumBefore today, Photo Album index pages would show thumbnails of all of the photos in your album. We've heard from many of you that have large photo albums that this meant long load times and lots of scrolling for your visitors. As of today, the Photo Album index page will show the first 50 photos in your album, and then automatically display a prominent link to move to the next page of photos in the album. Faster load times and much less scrolling!

If you've selected to show thumbnails on your photo detail pages, instead of showing every single thumbnail from the whole album (which again, meant long load times and lots of scrolling for your visitors), now the photo detail page will simply show thumbnails to help your visitors navigate to the previous or next photo in the album. (Check out the screenshot to see what we mean.) It's a more intuitive way for visitors to navigate through your album, and it means faster load times for them as well.

As always, you can learn more about TypePad's Photo Album feature in the the TypePad Knowledge Base.


Madeleine Strindberg


Franklin Servan-Schreiber

Dear Typepad,

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Thank you for a great service.

Account Deleted

I've just tried altering a photo album to include thumbnail images alongside the main photo, but it's made no difference to the album. I still have ALL the thumbnails shooting off down the page. (I've force refreshed the page too)
Is there a delay to the this feature appearing?

Account Deleted

I'm not seeing these features in any of my albums. For example, this album has well over 100 pictures but I'm still seeing all of the thumbnails displayed on the index:

Any help?


I think this is a wonderful feature since we upload a lot of photos to our Typepad Weblog site. However, I put 500 pics on it and expected to see 50 at a time but there they were all 500. I guess it hasn't made it to our place yet. But we will wait and be glad when it comes.

Joe hearst

I understand the logic of the new system but would prefer to see all of the thumbnails as well. But then, I don't have a huge number of images in any album.

Account Deleted

Are you planning on making the photo albums layout more editable. It would be great if you could make the photo album appear in your regular layout, more professional. Especially for those of us with banner ads. To have it view in the space where the posts/pages go would be really fantastic.

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