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Maintenance Saturday, January 26 @ 10pm PST

On Saturday, January 26, 2008, the TypePad application and TypePad blogs will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance from 10 pm PST to 11 pm PST (0600 to 0700 UTC on January 27).

As always, we'll be keeping up to date with the latest information, so bookmark that site if you're interested in following along. Thanks for your patience as we continue to invest in making TypePad bigger, faster and stronger!



I'm sure this is not the place to ask, but I was wondering if there are any plans to create new templates with horizontal navigation. I really enjoy typepad, but I have to admit to playing around with Wordpress the other day as I was looking for that feature in particular. They offer a way to place pages under the banner. The option would give me an opportunity to clean up some of my columns. Just a thought.

Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory:


I was disappointed to be rejected by Text Link Ads because I use TypePad. Please make your technology compatible with theirs.

Also, I would like to offer my commenters "commentluv." Is TypePad planning on developing this feature?

Thank you.

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