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Linking to your Pages

By now, you've probably discovered the Pages feature, which allows you to create static HTML pages as part of your weblog. Pages are a great way to add important information to your weblog, like additional "about" pages, a contact page, or other content you want to share with your readers. Pages aren't included in the list of posts in your blog's index or in the blog's archives, but there are two very easy ways to link to your Pages in your weblog's sidebar.

The first way to link to your Pages is with the Pages module found in Weblogs > Design > Select Content. All of your Pages will be grouped together in one list that can be sorted by title or creation date. This is a good option if you don't have many Pages or if they're all about the same topic.

Pages links in TypeListsWhen you create a lot of Pages for your blog, you may not want to display links to all Pages in a single list in your sidebar. Instead, you can use a Links TypeList to create a custom list of links or to organize Pages by topic or category.

In our example, we have created a TypeList called Navigational Pages which contains links to the blog's main page, the About Us page, and the Contact Us page. A second TypeList links to Pages where discussion on various topics is being highlighted.

Additional information on Linking to Pages in Your Sidebar is available in the TypePad Knowledge Base.

- Jen and the Support team