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Shiny new icon for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Appletouchicon Have an iPhone or iPod Touch?  If you add the TypePad for iPhone web app as a webclip to your iPhone's home screen, you'll now get a bright icon that will look great alongside your other favorite iPhone apps and websites.

Adding it is easy.  After you've updated your iPhone to version 1.1.3, visit i.typepad.com in Safari and click on the "+" button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.  Now you'll have a quick and easy way to sign in to TypePad from your iPhone, and a great-looking TypePad icon on your home screen!

Update:  And here's a tip on how you can add your own custom icon for your blog, in case any of your readers add your blog to their iPhone's home screen as a webclip.

  1. Create your own custom 57x57 icon, and save it in PNG format.
  2. Name that file "apple-touch-icon.png"
  3. Upload it to the main folder of your account by signing into TypePad and visiting Control Panel > Files.

It's that easy! The next time someone saves your blog as a webclip on their iPhone, they'll get your pretty icon instead of an automatically generated screenshot.


Don Pedro

Great. Now back to work on better stats:-)

Michael Sippey

Absolutely! :)

David Dugan

I was pleasantly surpised when I added the TypePad app to my iPhone home screen yesterday to see that you guys had jumped on the new icon so quickly. Good work! I'm loving the iPhone integration you guys have developed with TypePad and Movable Type.

I would also add that (via Daring Fireball) there's a consensus that the icon will actually look better and sharper on the iPhone if you make it at 60x60 pixels instead of 57x57, and let the iPhone downsample it.

Gatewood Kistler

doesn't work for me. I added the 57x57 png file to my control panel/files, and I still get a black box with a white line on it when I try to add it to my touch.

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